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Panels Plus, Inc. utilizes union trades and in-house union carpenters to complete our client's cold storage construction projects.  We believe the end result of any project is only as good as the skilled labor completing it.  Our crews provide a wealth of benefits including but not limited to the following:


  • State and nationally recognized trade programs.

  • Regulated education and hands-on-training.

  • Continued education to regularly update specific skills through participation in continued education classes.  The goal is not only to maintain the finesse standards and skills, but also stay informed of any innovations in the industry.

  • Access to Master Carpenters and past generational experience in an always developing construction marketplace.

  • Knowledge of tools and equipment.

  • Safety!  All Panels Plus, Inc. team members follow OSHA standards and are focused on safety.  Training and classes are readily available with not only the goal of keeping all team members certified, but most importantly, keeping all team members safe.  OSHA 10-hour certification for carpenters and OSHA 30-hour certification for foremen. 

  • Collaboration!  All team members work together towards established project goals.

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